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Got Questions?

real answers to life's hardest questions.

About  this Series

Every day the average person asks 35,000 questions. When to wake up? What should I wear today? What to eat for dinner? But did you ever stop to think, what'st he purpose behind all those questions? Surely life is more than just 35,000 questions over, and over, and over again. Join us for a six-week series as we explore life's hardest questions. Is there a God? Why is there so much evil in the world? What's my purpose? Is there more to life than this?

What  to Expect

A 75-minute service with Bible teaching that’s relevant to your life, a blend of contemporary and classic worship songs, and inspiring stories about how Jesus is still transforming lives today!

Calvary Kids

A special worship service for your children in a safe, fun and faith-filled environment. The Calvary Kids mission is to equip, engage and encourage your family. Check your kids in at Calvary Kids in the lobby before the service begins.

Free gift

If it’s your first time checking out Calvary on Sunday, we’d like to extend a special welcome to you. Thank you for being our guest! We have a free gift for you at the table in our lobby. Just look for the sign that says “First Time Guest” after the service.

Immersed  in God's Word

Immerse Groups are groups of 5-10 people that meet weekly in homes across Stockton. You’ll go through all of the Bible in 2022 and fellowship with one another. Sign up to a group below and purchase your copy of the Immerse Bible!