We really the Mother's Day service this morning.  It was a good turnout and we always enjoy

spending time with our church family.  Here are pastor Chris' Pass It On Notes from his sermon

today.  Let us give thanks to all the mothers and how much of a blessing they've been in our lives.







Pastor Chris' message came from the book of Habakkuk and he talked about asking God questions. 

I'm sure we all are wondering what is going on right now, but is ok to ask God those questions.  He

wants us to go to Him and put all of your worries to Him.  It is all about trusting in Him and having

faith.  We have the Pass It On Notes available to download.  Have a great week and see you again

next Sunday.

We had such a great turnout for Communion Sunday.  It was awesome that we were able to take

Communion together as a church family.  We had another great message by Pastor Christ as well.

We have uploaded the Pass It On Notes if you would like to download it.  We hope you all have a

good week and remember, every Sunday is Happy Resurrection Day, amen!





Happy Resurrection Day!  He is risen, He is risen indeed!  We had such a great turnout for our

Easter Church Gathering on Zoom this morning.  We want to share the notes from Pastor Chris' 

sermon for those who weren't able to attend the gathering. Also , let us remember that Jesus was 

resurrected on Easter Sunday and so, let every Sunday be Happy Resurrection Day.  Hope everyone

has a great Easter Sunday as we shelter in place.




We​ had another good Sunday Church Gathering on Zoom this morning.  Thank you to Pastor

Chris for hosting and for giving a great message.  Pastor Chris has made some notes available

from his sermon.  We want to encourage you to share this with those who weren't able to make

it to the Church Gathering.  It is important that we are share the Word of God with our fellow

brothers and sisters in Christ.  We hope that you all have a great week and again, let us use this

time as we shelter in place to spend more time with our Lord and Savior.